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Just when you thought I might be finished…; here’;s more Farm-tastic First Birthday!

Our little planting station was a huge hit at the party, get the DIY scoop after the jump.

accent pillow case baby burlap boudoir

For the Pots:

This isn’;t the neatest technique but it is fast!? If you want your pots to look super professional, you should mask with tape but it will be significantly more time consuming. I was perfectly happy with the results of this quickie method.

Note: unless you want the fingernails of a coal miner wear some gloves.

1.? Wrap a piece of paper around the base of the pot and spray the top portion.

2. Turn the pot and spray the other side. Let dry.

Funny story…; Did you know that you can just write on clay pots with chalk…; without chalkboard paint? Yupaccent pillow case baby burlap nursery, my mom showed me that one after I spray painted 30 pots. Awesome. I still think they look good with the chalkboard paint though. I’;m going to use the leftover pots for little herb gifts! PS. Jaime had chalkboard pots as favors at her wedding 4 years ago. She’;s a trend-setter.

How to set up your table:

? Place a piece of plywood on 4 cinder blocks. The smoother the wood the better! This was pretty gnarly plywood from our garage and it still worked great for the party. As a permanent chalkboard it could have been smoother.

? Sand as needed (I didn’;t)

? Spray entire top and edges with a primer. I used a can of Kilz Primer Spray

? Let dry.

? Fill any cracks/spaces with Spackling and Nail Hole Filler. I like this Dry Dex from Home Depot.

Use an old credit card (or the back of a butter knife in a pinch) to smooth the spackle.

? Let dry.

? Add another layer of Kilz Spray Primer and dry.

? Follow instructions on your spray can of chalkboard paint. I did 3 light all-over coats and had a great finish.

? Delegate writing instructions for plant potting to left-brained husband. He did a great job!

? Add large tubs of dirt, pots, stones for the bottom of each pot, gloves, shovels, a watering can, flowers and chalk. The little boys will spend the entire party shoveling dirt between the two dirt tubs. Boys are funny like that.

The aftermath!


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