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Seasons exist for man to embrace the beauty of it. The coolest and coldest season of the year is here, Winter. Cold wind whistles around, the air smells pure and fresh and a sense of serenity remains in the atmosphere. Winter scenes including early sunset, late sunrise, snowfallaccent pillow case baby burlap nursery, foggy sky, and so on are always interesting. For all of us, winter is a convenient excuse to curl up on the bed.

Leaving the beauties behind, sometimes the sudden drop in temperature can cause problems. It can ruin the interior and exterior of your house. It can be a reason for different types of health issues including a sore throat, asthma, and cold and so on. Thus it is important to maintain a warm atmosphere inside the house during winter. Use of air heaters increases the electricity bill. It is always wise to think about the most affordable way. The best way to make your home stay warm and cozy spending less money from your pocket is the use of curtains.

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Proper use of living room curtains helps to insulate your home as they prevent the loss of hot air. It is one of the easiest, simple and the most affordable way to beat the cold. The beauty of the curtain is that it is always flexible as you can keep it when it is needed and can remove when it is not needed. It is an extra layer of protection over doors and windows. Drapes can greatly improve your quality of life over the winter season. It is natural that air inside the room always tries to equalize with the temperature around. The cold air outside tries to mix with the warm air inside the room when such a condition prevails curtain play an important role in acting as a thick barrier to block the flow of air. Following are the important tips on how to use curtains during winter.

Use of thick curtains

Thick curtains help you protect your home from losing heat via doors and windows. If it is placed properly heat remains inside the room. The thicker the better. These drapes acts as an extra barrier to radiant heat loss add insulation and reduce draughts. It minimizes heat loss and makes the room feel cozier. Comparatively, custom made curtains with roman blinds helps in saving more heat than curtain with normal vertical blinds.

A single layer curtain can be turned into double layered curtains. The air trapped between the layers provides great insulation qualities. If used in the right way nothing else warm up the room like a thick drape.

Use door curtains

Along with protecting the room from winter door curtains serves the purpose of adorning the room as well. It should be kept in such a way that it covers all the gaps and make sure that the curtains run down the floor. It is not mandated that the door curtains need to stop right on the floor. if you let it pile up on the floor it remains fashionable as well.

Warm air will rise if the heat is generated inside the house. It will always look for the fastest way to ease outif there is a gap between the curtains and if it is not running down the floor, the heat will escapeout this way.

Cover your front door

Besides all, it is very important tocover the front door with a thick door curtain as it is the main entrance through which cold air can come inside and spread across the home.

Open the curtains during daytime

Thermal energy is always free, so make the most out of it. There will be a warming effect when the sunlight hit the window. It is always advised to keep the curtains open during thedaytime and let the heat gradients of sunlight come inside. Open the blinds on the east side of your home in the morning and open it at the west side in the evening.

Pull down the curtain before sunset

As you keep the curtain open during day letting the sunlight inside, make sure that you pull down the curtains before sunset. This lets the warm thermal energy remain inside the and prevent the cold. At night even double glazed windows will get extremely cold which ultimately results in energy loss. Immediately after dusk close your windows and pull down the curtains.

Use of blackout curtain

Blackout curtains made of tightly woven, dense or layered fabric is one important type of curtain that can be used during winter. since it is opaque it prevents the air movements. They serve the purpose of insulating the room. As they are capable of blocking 99 percent of outside light sources they do block cold air entering the room and Keep heat from escaping through the windows. It is made of durable materials and lasts for a long time.

Choose the right color

Curtains define the true beauty of the home regardless the season. In winter it will be good if you could go with certain colors that have the absorption power. Red is a perfect winter color that provides perfect needed insulation. Orange color helps in prevent heat from escaping from the house. Blue, yellow, earthy tones and so on are the other colors that can be used. Some of the bold colored prints serve the dual purpose of adorning the room as well insulating the room.

Curtains do block cold air and droughts from outside. Try this out at your home. Give a special treatment for your windows this winter shopping it online from You name it we have it. You get different options, out of which you can choose the best that satisfy your needs.

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