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navy nursery pillow 5 Ways to Create A Gorgeous Living Room pillow covers floral
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It’s the room where you chill, entertain, hang with friends and family and even relax. So it’s ideal if you make sure it looks gorgeousnavy nursery pillow, feels cozy and comfortable.

And here are 5 ways you can create a stunning living room.

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Must Have a Focal Point

Do you have a large screen TV you are proud of, or a painting you picked up during your trip to Italy? Then create a focal point by putting up either of these items in the farthest wall and make it the center stage. Every living room needs a center stage or a focal point for the eyes to settle.

Get a Cool Sofa

Even though most people end up buying sofa in a neutral or pastel colour, replacing it with a bright and bold coloured sofa will give your room a glamorous touch especially if most of your furniture is brown in colour.

Thought of a Rug?

An eye catching rug is the main element of an eye catching room. There are many choices available in the market, but before you invest in a rug, make sure you are sure how you plan to use it. If you want to create a cozy feel, then pick a thick rug or shag rug, place pillows and you have a casual and cool vive.

Create An Even Feel

Don’t have one corner of the room jammed with décor items and nick knacks while the other corner is bare. Why not hang or put a life size mirror, put tall plants or a high back chair? Just make sure that you create a even look in such a way that peoples gaze don’t end at the sofa.

A Soft Look is Classic

Your living is usually overused and over occupied so make it cozy and inviting. ?You can add pillows to sofa; get soft lighting and innovative center tables. Add appropriate accessories to make your living room glow.

Maybe you are considering redecorating a room in your home, rather than go for a traditional look; you want to achieve something different, and something which reflects the personality and character of you. When you think of colour it is most likely that you will associate lighter colours with space and airiness, but if you have a large room that you want to decorate you might like to think of using darker colours. If you use for example dark blue paint in a room it can have the effect of bringing the room together and making a large room seem smaller.

Despite all of the innovative lighting methods manufactures have dreamed up over the last fifty years and all of the weird and wonderful lighting options available to us today, nothing beats the humble candle for intimacy, relaxation or romance. Maybe it is something primal and instinctive in us- fire has been part of man’s survival since the dawn of the species- but the flicker of a flame really does captivate and calm the soul. With canny manufactures realising this, candles are now big business in the interior design industry- there is literally a candle for every occasion and you can pick them up anywhere from the local garage to designer department stores.

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