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Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner. I love this time of year when the flowers?start to bloom (at least in North Carolina, where I live) and the colors around us seem to shift?from greys to pastels. One of my favorite spring traditions is dying Easter eggs with my children,?then enjoying the lovely colors we created together. This year, my daughter and I are starting?another Easter tradition—this time in my studio, when we spend some Mommy/Daughter time?together stitching a sweet set of Bunny Easter Egg Holders to display on our Easter table.?I?hope you enjoy stitching your own set and start a new family tradition of your own!?

Bunny Easter Egg Holders are made right in the hoop of your embroidery machine. I love using?wool-blend felt with my ‘in the hoop’ projects since it cuts cleanly, embroiders beautifullynavy nursery pillow, and?keeps its shape, plus it will hold up for many more Easter Celebrations! Ask your local BERNINA?store?if they carry wool-blend felt so you can give it try and see for yourself.

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For an extra-special touch, you can personalize your Bunny Easter Egg Holders using?BERNINA Embroidery Software. You’ll want to add the name or monogram after Stitch?Sequence 2. Let’s get started!

Note: All measurements are listed width x length

Hoop a piece of tearaway stabilizer in your Large Oval Hoop.

Using thread to match your base felt color, sew Stitch Sequence 1 to create a placement line directly on the stabilizer.

Center one 7” x 4” piece of felt over the placement line, making sure the felt is covering all of the stitches. Tape in place. Sew Stitch Sequence 2 to tack down the felt and create a bunnyshaped placement line.

Place the small piece of felt over the center of the project, covering the bunny-shaped placement line. Tape in place. Sew Stitch Sequence 3 to create a cutting line.

Remove the hoop from your machine, leaving the project hooped. Trim around the bunny cutting line, being careful not to snip the stitches.

Replace the hoop on your machine. Using grey thread, sew Sew Stitch Sequence 4 to create the bunny’s eyes.

Using pink thread, sew Stitch Sequence 5 to create the bunny’s mouth, nose, and ears.

Remove the hoop from your machine, leaving the project hooped. Turn the hoop over to the back. Place the final piece of felt over the placement lines and tape in place.

Replace the hoop on the machine. Sew Stitch Sequence 6 to complete.

Remove the project from the hoop and tearaway the excess stabilizer.

Trim around the project leaving a small border.

Clip a line into the stitched notches on each side of the base, as shown, being careful not to cut through the stitches.

To finish, pull the ends of the base toward the back and slide one notch into the other to create a stand.

Pop a pretty Easter Egg inside your adorable Bunny Easter Egg Holder!

Easter Egg Holder by Lisa Archer, BERNINA Ambassador,?Home Embroidery Spokesperson, and owner of Pickle Pie Designs.

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