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navy nursery pillow EnviroTex Craft Ideas {Crafting with Pennies} custom anniversary gifts
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My husband bought me some EnviroTex for my birthday…;…;..forget diamonds, just get me craft supplies. I’;ve been wanting to try EnviroTex craft ideas forever! I see so many great projects out there and by golly, I thought I’;d give it a try.

I’;ve also been admiring the projects using pennies.? Yesnavy nursery pillow, Pennies! Why not line the bottom of a tray with pennies and pour this stuff on?? And that’;s exactly what I did!

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First I spray painted my tray black…;…;…;.you could choose any color of course…;…;…;I picked out all the pennies in our change jar, and lined them up…;…;..then messed them? up a little.? Mixed the EnviroTex according to the directions and poured it on.? Then the hard part…;…;…;waiting. Waiting for it to cure.? It hardens in 4-7 hours, but is recommended to wait 72 hours before placing anything on it. (I waited 24…;…;..I may regret it)

I love how it turned out and I can’;t figure out where I want to use it.? Should I display it on an easel like above?

On my coffee table (trunk) to hold the remotes?? Or maybe on my dining room table to hold napkins and such?

Another super simple craft! If I can do it…;…;..YOU can do it!? I just ordered more of this magic stuff called EnviroTex.

This is the same stuff that people make all those cute bottle cap necklaces, or magnets…;…;I found so many great ideas from coasters, tables, jewelry! You can check it out on my Craft Ideas Pinterest board.

For nearly every household, storage is one of the biggest challenges. The two questions we get over and over again are ‘how can I bring more storage into my home?’ And ‘how can I do it stylishly?’

I’m not writing today’s post to whine, complain & pout. Well, maybe just a little bit. Maybe you can relate? Of course most of you would read all about a?table &?really do your research before making a significant purchase. I’m not most of you. I’m a little schoolgirl who got all giddy inside finding a great deal on a beautiful piece after spending two months searching for the unattainable. I had a dream. The dream of a long antique wood table that would only look better with age & the wear of our family. A table that would seat our family, friends & their children – all at the same table. A piece with a history that would add character & charm to our home. After months of searching online & calling stalking antique stores, I found an unbelievably gorgeous 10′ table that made my heart skip a beat. It was just 24″ wide. Yeah, narrow.

Avoid “wobbles” when strip-piecing using a can of starch, your sewing machine, and this tip from Linda J. Hahn at Frog Hollow Designs. Author of the award-winning New York Beauty Simplified and New York Beauty Diversified, Linda has two more quilting books due to be released in Fall 2015.?

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