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navy nursery pillow Farm-tastic First Birthday- Sweets Table Details customized gifts for mom
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1. An overview of the sweets table. The tablecloth is 3 yards of Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Dobby Voile Pastry Line Lilac. It makes a pricey tablecloth but since we just trimmed the very edge of the cut ends with pinking shears, the fabric will live a second life.2. A late-night buttercream catastrophe left us with no pretty flowers for Miss Quinn’;s cake. I went to bed feeling defeated but woke up with an idea! One of the cute hairclips we had made on a lollipop stick added just the touch it needed! 3. A classic glass milk bottlenavy nursery pillow, borrowed from my sister-in-law.4. Apothecary jars filled with Milk Duds, Rock Candy lollipops and whoppers. Get the DIY for the “;Sweets”; jar here.5. Country Store Old Fashion Taffy was a perfect 5&;dime touch.6. A little wooden sign (less than $1 at Michaels) which I sprayed with chalkboard paint invited guests to fill a bag of goodies.7. Cupcake liners held leftover molded farm animal chocolates that didn’;t make the cake. I have some pretty great tips for making molded chocolate. Should I share them as a DIY?8. Mini cupcakes featured more molded chocolate animals. This might be my new go-to dessert for birthday parties. Insanely easy and so theme-friendly!9. A full-body shot of THAT cake again. How about tips on building a tiered cake? interested?10. And lastly the big debut of the Mod Podge Vase that we shared last week. New favorite project. Has anyone tried one yet?

If you were born in the 90’s, then you know Clueless.?This film not only coined “valley-girl” terminology, but also contributed to the now, thriving choker trend.

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“This is great because it’s everyone against the game and there is a feeling of satisfaction and group camaraderie when and if you win,” says James Kling, Behavior Consultant and founder of Alternative Teaching. However, he warns that “more skilled or aggressive players [may] start dictating the game and it can make others take a backseat and only move when [they’re told to] instead of really playing.”

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