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Liz from Simple Simon &; Co. designed the most genius hanging kitchen towel project. It’;s made using a hot pad and a simple kitchen dishtowel.? I love that she used towels from the Magnolia kitchen line (as it’;s one of my all-time favorites). These towels are perfect to make to give away as gifts for Christmas (or any other occasion) since they are so quick and easy to make! They are also great DIY farmhouse style kitchen accessories.?

Hi, I am liZ from?Simple?Simon?and Company and I am excited to show you how to make one of my kitchen essentials…;an oven hanging dish towel.? I use these all the time and they are super?easy?to make.

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All you need to put one of them together is:

(product sources linked below)

a dish towel

hot pad (with loop attachment)

shank button

(There are three different buttons pictured here…;all with shanks.? Shanks are buttons with a “;neck”; on the back, usually centered on the back of the button with a hole in the middle of the neck that allows the thread to be passed through.)

Once you have your supplies gathered (which, of course, also include a needlenavy nursery pillow, thread, scissors, pins, and a sewing machine) you can get to work.? ?So let’;s get started!

First, fold your dish towel in half.? Then along that middle fold line run a gathering stitch…;and gather!

Gather your dish towel in until it is the same width as your hot pad.? (The width of your hot pad from corner to corner on the diagonal.)

Once gathered place your dish towel on top of the hot pad as shown in the picture.? (With right sides together and with the middle of the hot pad aligned with the middle of the dish towel.) Note:? Make sure that the hanging tab that is attached to the corner of your hot pad is placed so that it will be at the top of your dish towel and not along one of the ends that will be sewn.? Pin.

Sew dishcloth and hot pad together.? Once sewn flip the hot pad/dish towel combo over in preparation for adding the button.? (It should look like the picture above.)

Your dish towel should now drape nicely from the bottom of your hot pad.? Fold your hot pad in half once more to find where you should place your button.? This will depend on how long the hanging tab is that came with your hot pad.? I placed mine about one inch down from the corner.

Hand sew your button onto your hot pad.

Now you will be able to loop the hot pad tab over your shank button!

Your hanging dish towel is now ready to be placed on your oven bar!

Like I said…;so?easy?and I really do love using them.? They come in so handy that I have some in my kitchen at all times!

We are Elizabeth and Elizabeth, two girls who married brothers and ended up with the exact same name. ?We are also the same age, both former school teachers, have the same number of children, live in the same county, have dogs rescued from the pound, and share a love for sewing, quilting and the art of homemaking.

Together we blog over at?Simple Simon and Company?where we get the opportunity to share tips, tricks, tutorials, recipes, and thoughts with our readership.

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