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navy nursery pillow How it’s made- Rippled Stripe pillow cases solid
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At Coyuchi we love quiet details that delight. Serenely simple-looking designs that are amazingly complex up close. Basics that are anything but basic. Case in point: our Rippled Stripe Duvet. Whether in original ivory and black or in gray chambray, its airy pattern suits any season and works brilliantly with pretty much everything in our assortment (and probably in your linen closet, too).

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But look closer, and you’ll see that each stripe is woven with extraordinary texture and detail – the thin bands are chains of dropletsnavy nursery pillow, and the wider ones form nested ovals, like watery ripples or waves of sound. That remarkably intricate pattern is created by a dobby loom. Invented in the mid-1800s, the dobby loom hasn’t changed much in more than a century and a half. Sure, many of today’s looms are computer controlled and driven by electricity—rather than by the weaver assisted by a draw-boy (from whom the loom got its name), but the basic technology is essentially the same.

On a dobby loom, each warp yarn is threaded through a heddle (a guide wire with a loop) that attaches to a harness. As the harnesses are raised or lowered (whether by foot power or electric motor), the warp threads are, too, creating a space between them for the weft thread to pass through on the shuttle. The dobby head selects the order in which different harnesses will be raised and lowered, to create the desired woven pattern. While a standard treadle loom generally has fourharnesses, a dobby loom can have as many as 24, so it has the ability to weave far more complex designs.

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Which brings us back to the Rippled Stripe Duvet. Using acomputerized dobby loom, we’re able to create a pattern filled with great texture and fine detail from just four harnesses and three colors of organic cotton yarn. That’s what gives Rippled Stripe its unique combination of effortless versatility and up-close intrigue.

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