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navy nursery pillow Love & Renovations- How to Survive Renovation Stress pillow covers farmhouse
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In this episode of Colorful Conversations, Thea, Tasha and Joe talk about how to live your best life by creating a home you love through DIYnavy nursery pillow, home design, and life at home. Their goal is for you to learn something useful and have fun every time you listen. This time, we’re talking about love and renovation and how to survive renovation stress.

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Spring has sprung which means our morale is lifted as we look forward to seeing trees filled with blossoms in the most delicate pinks and whites. Daffodils, snowdrops and tulips are popping their heads out to say 'hello' and our world is transforming itself bringing with it a multitude of beautiful colours provide by Mother Nature.

Sweaters are great at making you feel cozy and warm when the cold weather settles in, but sometimes, they become too worn out to wear. Instead of throwing them away, why not turn them into a pillow? All you need is an old sweater, a pillow form, and a sewing machine. If you don't own a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.

I’ve spent the last few months searching the web for beginner quilt patterns. Today I’m going to share with you what I’ve found, most of them are free quilt patterns! If you like this post you may also enjoy this article on 3 tips for beginner quilters.

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