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navy nursery pillow Ways to Choose the Right Cushion for your Home floral cushion covers
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1. Size Does Matter: When it comes to cushions you can explore them in different sizes and dimensions. The 18-inch standard size ones look perfect for that neat and tidy touch to the sofa. While, if you intend to give that loungeaffect, then play with the 24-inch ones. A simple thumb rule you can follow is to have a small cushion for small furniture and big ones forlargepiece of size furniture.

2. Shape Does Not Matter: With cushions available in different shapes, you can have the privilege of choosing the one you like. From square to rectangle, circle to bolster shapenavy nursery pillow, there are many options available and you can complement your sofa’s with the ones you like. But if you like to maintain a formal tone, then have all your cushions of the same shape, neatly arranged on the sofa. While, for a fun and easy look, you can mix and match different shapes and arrange them any which way.

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3. Numbers You Decide: The number of cushions adorning your sofa should be as per your taste and preference. If you like that symmetry in your room, then go for an even number of filled cushions, otherwise odd ones can be apt for arty look and feel.

4. Colour &; Pattern: The colour of your should never be the same as your sofa. If you got those cushions with the sofa, then discard them right away. They will only make your sofa look boring. Mix and match is the key here. In fact, if you like it colourful, then try to add cushions in more than one colour and have a vibrant room. But if you are adding two colours, then keep the cushion colour patterns simple and plain otherwise it will be too much for the eyes. You can also explore one cushion in printed pattern and the other plain.

5.Texture: Maintain unity in texture otherwise it will fall out of place. Try to go for cushions in cotton or polyester, which are easy to maintain and won’t slip off. Your choice of cushion should be such that they add texture and traction to the room.

Cushions are literally that ultimate trimming, which can give a new feel to the room and make it truly different. You can explore a different variety of cushion cover designs at We have cushions in various prints, textures and colours that can help you refurbish your home. There is no better and easy way of adding warmth and welcoming touch other than cushions. Buy cushions covers online from and personalize your home, your way.

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